The 15:17 to Paris

I admit when I saw the trailer to this I only had a limit knowledge about the incident that this film is based on, where 3 American soldiers with the help of a Frenchman overcome a Terrorist who had planned to cause terror on a packed train in France., however since I like biographical films I thought it is one I would watch.

Date watched: – 19th February 2018

Where watched: – Cineworld Whiteley

Genre:- Drama, History, Thriller

Director: – Clint Eastwood

Writer: – Dorothy Blyskal

Starring: – Ray Corsani (Ayoub), Alek Skarlatos , Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, Mark Moogalian and Isabelle Risacher Moogalian as themselves

Awards: -.

Review: –

Spencer and Alek are high school friends and are often sent to the Principal’s office where they meet another student who is also often in trouble (Anthony) and the 3 of them become friends, then after school and after Alek and Spencer have joined the Military decide to have a European adventure when they decide to go to Paris from Amsterdam and catch the train to Paris (15:17 Amsterdam to Paris) when along the route a passenger boards and goes straight into the toilets where a passenger notices he has been in there for a while when he the terrorist burst out armed with an assault rifle, the passenger (Moogalian) manages to tackle the terrorist but is shot in the process and as the passengers flee from the terrorist Spencer notices him and his instincts kick in and he rushes towards the terrorist when the terrorist goes to fire but his gun jams and Spencer manages to tackle him to the floor and they struggle with the terrorist cutting Spencer several times. Alek and Anthony go to help and subdue the terrorist and knock him out and then tie him up whilst Spencer goes to help Moogalian that had been shot and stems the blood with his finger by plugging the wound. The Police board at the next station and take terrorist away and treat Spencer’s wounds and then take over the care of Moogalian and save his life.

The 4 of them are later recognised as heros and receive medals (French Legion of Honour) for their gallantry and bravery from the French Government and are present them by President Froncois Hollande and it’s mentioned the terrorist had over 300 rounds of ammunitions and had intended to kill or maim as many as possible,

I was actually disappointed with this film to be honest as the action and the act of bravery only happened in the last 15/20 minutes of the film and the rest is made of by how the three became friends and how they ended up where they ended up which is fine but certainly not what I expected so this was disappointing. I was surprised that 4 heros all played themselves in the film but I quite liked this idea but I think this is the type of film that generaly goes straight to TV or Streaming service rather than a main Cinema release. I rather this 6 out of 10 as it’s a decnt film just not what I was expecting.


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