Ready Player One

An Unlimited Screening for the film I’ve been waiting to see for a few months ever since I saw the first trailer. Set in 2045 where the reality and virtual reality mix. This is a must watch film.

Date watched: – 19th March 2018

Where watched: – Cineworld Whiteley

Director: – Steven Spielberg

Writer: – Zak Penn, Ernest Cline

Starring: – Tye Sheridan (Wade/Parzival), Olivia Cooke (Samantha/Art3mis), Mark Rylance (James Halliday/Anorak), Simon Pegg (Ogden/The Curator), T J Miller (I-R0k),  Lena Waithe (Aech), Win Morisaki (Daito)m Philip Zhao (Shoto), Ben Mendelsohn (Nolan Sorrento) and Hannah John-Kamen (F’Nale)

Review: –

Wade Watts lives in a slum called the Stacks in Columbus and like most of the population escape to the Virtual Reality world of OASIS. OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulator) was created by James Halliday and where the population can work, play, gamble and educate themselves away from the real world which has decayed due to pollution, overpopulation, corruption and the declining climate.

Wade’s avatar Parzival along with his best friend online Aech are Gunter’s (Egg Hunters) in OASIS and compete to try and win the Anorak’s Quest, a game designed by Halliday within OASIS which the winner gets full ownership of OASIS. The Quest consists of challenges to get 3 keys, the first challenge is a race when near the end Wade stops Art3mis from getting zeroed out (dying in the game and losing all your credits etc.) from King Kong but her bike is damaged but Wade says that his friend Aech can fix it for her. That evening Wade as Parzival heads to the Halliday Archives which has all of Halliday’s recording and most of his memories, during one recording he hears Halliday say he wishes he can go in reverse, full power reverse where Ogden resigns and believes this is the key to winning the first race and getting the first key, the next race Parzival waits until all the others go before reversing back towards the wall at the start of the race when a door opens downwards and he races in reverse under the other races and the dangers that stop anyone from completing the race, he then finishes the race and gets the first key, in real life an company called Innovative Online Industries (IOI) wants to control peoples interaction with OASIS and to take over the running of OASIS sends in gamers called SIXERS to try and win the challenges and to stop Parzival from finding the other keys and challenges. Art3mis completes the race next as she had watched Parzival reverse to win and then Aech wins after Parzival gives him hints on how to complete it followed by brothers Daito and Shoto, the group start to call themselves the High 5 and vow to work together to complete the other Quests. One evening Parzival and Art3mis are at a club when Parzival reveals his feelings for Art3mis and then reveals his real name which is overheard by I-R0k who works as a Freelance Bounty but is hired by IOI and informs Nolan Sorrento the CEO of IOI. Sorrento then calls Wade and tells him that he knows his real identity and offers him a job and money to come and work for IOI and to win the Quest, Wade refuses and Nolan then gives him an Ultimatum but when Wade still refuses Nolan destroys his home killing his Aunt and her boyfriend. Wade goes back to his VR area when he is kidnapped by an associate of Art3mis as IOI tries to track him down. Wade is taken to a Gunter hideout where he meets Samantha who tells him she is Art3mis, the pair of them manage to work out the second clue and they visit the Archives where Parzival has a bet with the curator that the scene they watch contains the only mention of Kira who Halliday had a date with thought the Curator doesn’t believe this is the case and as he searches through all of the archives Art3mis solves the clue and as Curator admits that this is indeed the only mention of Kira he give Parzival a coin as his winnings. The high 5 group then return back to the Archives and asks the Curator to take them to the memory of Halliday’s date with Kira which was watching the Shinning, during the quest Aech notices a photo and Art3mis then works out the clue and gets the second key. IOI then find where the Gunters are hiding and grab Art3mis who helps Wade escape and the real-life Aech along with the real life Daito and Shoto pick him up after Samantha messaged them. Samantha is then taken to IOI to pay off her debt whilst the others find out that IOI have solved the clue to get to the third quest and using a shield from i-R0k Sorrento creates a force field to stop the High 5 group and the rest of the players from getting to the location and beating the quest. The group manage to hack into Sorrento’s feed and whilst he’s being hacked they manage to free Samantha and she then hides in with the IOI players and manages to turn off the Force Field, Parzival and the remaining high 5 group try and get to the Computer that the Sixers are playing to try and solve the quest with the help of IOI tech team. To stop Parzival from getting them Sorrento denotes a bomb that wipes everyone out but Parzival finds that he is still there and he pulls out the coin the Curator had given him and it says “Extra Life” leaving him to try and complete the Quest which is not to finish the game but to find the first ever Easter Egg that Halliday created but whilst he is trying to do this the rest of the group (along with Samantha who had escaped IOI) are trying to stop IOI from getting to them whilst driving in a van and protect Wade whilst he is in OASIS. Wade completes the task and Halliday’s avatar congratulates him and asks him to sign the contract that gives him the control of OASIS but he refuses and Halliday not as his Avatar and himself as a boy then give him a Golden Egg and leave and Wade then takes of his headset. The police then show up and arrest Sorrento and F’Nale and Ogden then shows up with his lawyers and the contract for OASIS and Wade says he won’t sign yet and he will share the OASIS with the rest of the High 5 group.

I really enjoyed this film and really liked the way it blended Real-Life with the Virtual Reality the CGI was done brilliantly, I loved the way it including a lot of cult media like old films, old games and old music. The soundtrack was one of the best for a while, in fact the only disappointed part was that I didn’t see how 3D enhanced it especially as normally the Unlimited Screening that are shown in 3D are very good 3D films. Tye, Olivia and Ben produced flawless performances. I recommended this film and give it a fully deserved 8 out of 10.

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