Winchester (Movie)

Think about time I start catching up with some Movie Blogs, slightly different method of writing these now.

Before seeing this film I had always been fascinated by the Winchester House, I remember seeing a program about it though can’t remember what is was called about the house where the female owner built room after room on to the original house to appease the spirits for several years and there was stairs going nowhere and doors that opened to nothing though this could be me mis-remembering, anyway when I heard there was a film about it I was looking forward to seeing it. On to the film. I ended up with mixed feelings on the film as whilst enjoyed the film and was more scary then the likes of IT and Truth or Dare? I wanted it to be more about the story about the Winchester House rather than about 1 spirit. The cast of Helen Mirren (Sarah Winchester), Sarah Snook (Marion), Finn Scicluna-O’Prey (Henry), Jason Clarke (Dr Eric Price) & Eamon Farren (Ben) were good but not outstanding. Though the film edges on the story behind the mansion and the constant building by Sarah Winchester to please the spirits of those wronged by the Winchester rifle that her husband had invented it concentrates on just two spirits by more of Ben whose brothers were killed by the rifle before he too had been killed by it whilst Dr Price’s wife spirit is also presence and helps Dr Price saves Sarah as he let go of his guilt of her suicide from the rifle. There were a few scenes that made me jump which is rare and the ending was pretty gripping. Even though I was disappointed on the film it was just because wasn’t what I wanted it to be like but this shouldn’t take away the actually content. It could’ve been better but as mentioned to me it’s a pretty decent horror as made me jump so I rate this a solid 7 out of 10.

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