Avengers – Infinity War

10 years since the relesae of the first MCU film (Ironman) sees the release of a long awaited for third Avengers film – Infinity War. After all the solo films of most of the characters it was time for an all Avengers film though most of them did appear in Captain America – Civil War but this time also included the Guardian of the Galaxies and Dr Strange. This was going to be a massive hit or a flop but to me it’s a bit of both, the box office takings are for all to see as is smashing records but to me it failed to live up to the hype over it, perhaps that’s me now having higher expectations. The film follows on from Thor: Ragnarok where Thanos appears in the same space as the escape she from Asgard but you don’t see the battle between him and Thor (1st failure to me) only the end of it. Thanos is hunting the Infinity Stones so he can destroy half of the universe to stop overpopulating and hunger after his planet destroyed itself due to overpopulation. Thanos hunting these stones attack earth as that is where 2 of the stones are (Vision & Dr Strange have them) and you end up still have the 2 sets of Avengers (after Civil War) being separate for the war though Thanos easily seems to deal with both (2nd issue I have). Whilst I enjoyed the whole group of Avengers back together as I like seeing the undercast (Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Falcon) of avengers it was too distracted to follow smoothly which is why I’m not sure is worthy of the hype, it is also a long film at 160 minutes long so if you include trailers and adverts that’s 3 hours in the cinema to watch this, which like Batman Vs Suoerman is too long and I think this film suffered the same as Batman Vs Superman where the story doesn’t flow and because tries to fit too much in is disjointed. The best scenes are the fight scenes at the end of the movie and to be honest I would say the only part of the film worthwhile. There is an end of credit scene but no mid credit scene. I can only rate this 7 out of 10 and that’s only because of the last hour of the film.

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