Following on from my View From Row XYZ blog that was becoming more about movie reviews I decided to start a movie only blog and named it XYZ Movie Blog though at the time I didn’t think about doing that domain and chose moviearticles.blog instead as that was my idea I just decided to then keep the XYZ part of current blog in the blog name. Whilst I’ll still have Movie reviews on the other blog this one will contain more about Movies such as awards, new releases, my favourite films etc. 

I am a Cineworld Unlimited Card holder and now have Dawn and Bryony unlimited members too. Cineworld has treated us Unlimited Card holders to I think all of the Oscar best picture films as Unlimited screening though Cineworld themselves aren’t sure if that’s actually true or they didn’t do one of them. 

In January (2017) I managed to watch movies at Cineworld 7 days in a row which probably wasn’t far off films watch at the cinema since left school until I got my Cineworld card! I don’t consider myself as a film buff but the I watch and review now the more I watch as a reviewer which doesn’t stop me enjoying the movies but makes me see good things in movies that aren’t so good. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and reviews. Feel free to comment and contact me on the contact me page for questions or films you like to hear about or even my refer a friend code from Cineworld that gives both myself and the user a months free.