47 Metres Down

Having seen no trailer for this nor any advertisement bar Cineworlds email I had no expectations for this movie. Starting Mandy Moore and Claire Holt least it was going to be easy on the eyes though neither I would say are A liar stars (at least movie wise), Mandy had several top 30 hits as a Singer and Claire some hit TV series. 

Plot:- Lisa (Mandy) whose boyfriend has just broken up with her as said she was boring is on holiday with Kate (Claire) her sister. Kate thinking Lisa’s boyfriend is working so couldn’t come on holiday finds Lisa crying one night and Lisa tells Kate the truth so Kate takes her clubbing where they meet a couple of locals who suggest going Cage Diving with sharks. The next day the girls arrive at the dock and meet the locals and go out to a boat with the cage. After the boys go down in the cage and return to the surface the girls go down, as they go down the cage shudders causing Lisa to panic and as the cage is risen the winch on the boat snaps and the cage plummets with the girls to the boat of the ocean 47 metres down which is also out of communication range. Lisa being the better diver manages to get out of the cage and release the winch from the cage and swims up to 40 metres to communication range and is told stay in the cage and they’ll send another line down. Seeing a light to one side after a while and with it not moving and their air running out Lisa swims out to the light to see it’s just a flashlight and after picking it up sees Javier as he’s attacked by a shark, grabbing his speargun she makes her way back to the cage. They attach the line to the cage but as it’s winched up it snaps sending them back down to the bottom this time trapping Kate’s leg under the cage. Lisa manages to communicate with the boat and they say the coast guard is on the way and send 2 tanks of air down, Lisa goes to fetch the air but is attacked as she starts to return to the cage leaving the air for Kate just short of the cage, Kate then manages to use the speargun to hook the tank of air and then manages to free herself from the cage and finds Lisa and make for the surface, once they arrive and are attacked as try to climb onto the boat it returns to Kate still trapped under the cage and hallucinating due to have too much nitrogen in her blood, she’s finally rescued by the coast guards and calls out for Lisa but as the film ends with Kate still being led to the surface we don’t know for sure what happened to Lisa though it’s likely she was killed in the Shark attack. 

I really enjoyed this film as it kept you on the edge not knowing what’s going to happen, the only part I didn’t like was the ending as it made the film feel incomplete. Mandy and Claire were decent and would like to see them in more movies. 

If you like thrillers then you would like this but if not keen on water or sharks maybe avoid, I recommend this and give it an 8 of 10 rating. 

Haven (TV Series)

As I was ill the beginning of the week I found this to watch on Amazon Prime and ended up binge watching this and been watching it when not at work on at the Cinema and am currently on Season 3 in just 3 days! I know I’m late to the show as was cancelled in 2015.

Starring Emily Rose as Audrey Parker who when we first meet her is a FBI Agent but as the show unfolds we find that this is not the case but becomes a member of the Haven PD where the show is set. Haven, Maine is a town that seems to a hotbed of Supernatural/Paranormal activity that is locally known as the troubles. Also starring Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos Haven’s police detective (later Police Chief) and Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker. The Series is based on the Stephen King Novel The Colorado Kid and the Colorado Kid is mentioned several times as becomes a king aspect as becomes part of Audrey Parker’s life. Audrey Parker is an orphan who has no real memories but after turning up at Haven sees a photo that she thinks might be her Mum and finds out the women’s’ name is Lucy Ridley and finds out this is herself in a previous existence and that before this she was Sarah Vernon and also resided in Haven and has always helped the “troubled”, she along with Nathan investigate the crimes caused by the troubled and also helped by Duke not that he whats to but is an old friend of Nathans and become a close friend to Audrey who also confines in him. Audrey often speaks to the town’s oldest residents and also owners of the town’s paper the Teagues brothers Vince & Dave to find out about her past as Lucy but they don’t always tell her the whole story.

So far I am really enjoying this series even though only about halfway through the complete series, I don’t believe I have come across the 3 main actors before but there seems to be a really good chemistry between them and like Emily Rose (she being very good looking helps) and she reminds me of Anna Paquin in True Blood. I expect I might do a follow up to this blog when I have finished the complete series.

If you’re interested in the supernatural or paranormal then is certain a series to watch.



Based on the events of Allied evacuation of Dunkirk during the Second World War, the film is shown from 3 perspectives, the Mole (Landing Stage on Dunkirk Beach) where the troops are waiting for sea craft to evacuate them, the Sea where the Royal Navy have commandeer small boats and we mainly follow one of these boats, and thirdly from the Air where Spitfires dogfight German planes and try and stop German Bombers from bombing the ships and beach where the troops are.

All three perspectives are done over a different time span which is shown when it mentions each story at the beginning, Mole 1 week, Sea 1 Day and Air 1 hour which does throw you a little bit in the film as it’s suddenly night on the beaches but not at sea. Starring Mark Rylance as Mr Dawson a mariner who captains his own boat to Dunkirk, Tom Hardy as Farrier a RAF Pilot, Tom Glynn-Carney as Peter Mr Dawson’s son, Jack Lowden as Collins another RAF Pilot, Harry Styles as Alex a Army Private, ¬†Fionn Whitehead as Tommy also a Army Private, James D’Arcy as Colonel Winnant and Barry Keoghan as George Mr Dawson’s Deckhand.

We start in the streets of Dunkirk as a group of Allied soldiers are walking looking for food/drink when they come under fire and Tommy is the only survivor to make it to the perimeter being patrolled/guarded by French Soldiers and gets to the beach where he sees thousand of soldiers waiting to be evacuated, he meets Gibson another soldier and after a German bomb attack on the beach find a stretcher and make for a waiting ship but this is sunk and during the sinking manage to rescue Alex another British Private. We then follow Tommy and Alex trying get back home to Britain and finally finding themselves on Mr Dawson’s boat and arrive back to England. During this we see the British Navy has commandeered small British boats and whilst Mr Dawson agrees he sets off with his son Peter and George his deckhand who jumps on board just as they set sail, he set sails before the Navy can put any sailors on-board, as they sail across we see other British warships sunk by German Bombers and then we go to the Air and watch 3 spitfires fly overhead but after encounter and downing German Fighters they’re down to 2 who then have a few more dogfights over the channel. On the way across the channel Mr Dawson comes across a soldier on the remains of an upturned ship and pulls him on board and he tries to make Mr Dawson turn around and later accidentally pushes George down the stairs causing him to hit his head against a metal object on the boat causing a gash and George to lose his sight, however they carry on to Dunkirk and see one of the Spitfires having to ditch and make their way over the the plane and help the pilot escape just as the cockpit fills with water, they then manage to help rescues sailors after a minesweeper is bombed but the remaining Spitfire manages to then shoot down the bomber allowing the small ships to reach Dunkirk and evacuate the allied troops.

This is difficult to judge as I was expecting a completely different film and was thrown by having the 3 different aspects, land, sea and air but it worked and I liked it. I am a huge fan of Mark Rylance and he didn’t disappoint but I can’t say anyone really stood out but no-one disappointed either. This is different from other World War films such as Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge as there is no body parts flying around so more people can watch this. Would I watch this again, yes, would I recommend this, yes, will it win awards, yes, it is a great film, no not in my book; it’s a very good film but not a great film and I don’t think it’s as good as the previous two I’ve mentioned. It’s a very well made film and there is less verbal communication then most films and I don’t think many of the actors had a great deal of lines but this is good as makes you watch the action more.

Rating 8/10



Spider-Man – Homecoming

The latest Marvel Action Hero film saw the return of Spider-man to the Marvel Studios after Sony agreed to share the Screen rights with them, he did appear briefly in Captain America Civil Wear but this was the first main film for his character and part of the reason of the naming of the film Homecoming. Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark who helps bring Peter Parker into the Avengers fold. This review contains Spoilers.

Homecoming shows Peter being drafted in by Tony to help in the Captain America Civil War battle but then returns to his high school to study as a normal kid but he wants to become an Avenger so with the new suit that Tony has made for him for Civil War he helps keeps his neighbourhood safe but runs into a gang robbing an ATM with new high tech weapons he tries to stop them but they escape and when he returns to his backpack it’s missing as the bins he “webbed” it on so has to creep back to his apartment he shares with his Aunt May in his suit, at his apartment as he sneaks in he doesn’t notices his best friend Ned is waiting for him and discovers Peter’s secret identity. Ned and Peter go to a Party at Liz’s house and Peter leaves to return as Spider-Man but he sees a weapon test that’s being carried out by Toomes’s associates and goes to investigate this and after following their van has to be rescued by an Iron Man clone that’s remotely controlled by Tony Stark. Peter picks up one of the weapons that was dropped during the chase and along with Ned study the weapon and when Toomes’s associates visit the school looking for the weapon Peter puts a tracking device on one them and they track him to Maryland. To follow them and avoid questions Peter rejoins the Academic Decathlon team to go to Washington DC with them, Ned and Peter then disable the tracking device in his suit and Ned turns off the Training Wheel program to allow Peter to have the full suit features. Peter then tracks them and foils Toomes from getting more weapons from a truck but is then trapped in a storage facility and misses the Decathlon, he escapes and manages to get back to Washington just in time to save his friends after the core of the weapon that they had found explodes in Neds bag and causes the lift they’re in to fail. Peter than finds out that there is a exchange for the Alien Weapons on the Staten Island Ferry but Toomes escapes and Peter trying to secure one of the weapons causes the ship to cut in half and Tony as Iron Man have to repair the Ferry to save the passengers, Tony upset with Peter’s actions takes his suit away. When Peter takes Liz to the Homecoming dance he notices that Liz’s Dad is Toomes and after he drops them off at the Dance Toomes warns Peter not to interfere with his work and is only letting him go now as he saved his daughter in Washington. Peter instead of going to the Dance changes into his Homemade suit and with the help of Ned tracks Toomes and manages to foil Toomes plan of hijacking the DODC plane from the Avengers Tower, afterwards Liz and her Mum move away and Tony invites Peter to join the Avengers full time but Peter turns this down and returns to School, when Peter returns home his sees that Tony has left him a suit and as he puts it on his Aunt May walks him and sees him in the Suit.

This is a actually I thought a really good film and possibly one of the best Marvel have done recently, as it didn’t need to retell how Peter became Spider-Man but focused on him learning to become better, there is an interesting character called Michelle (MJ) that needs to be watched in the future as I believe she will become key to the story and the Initials MJ seem to be homage to Mary Jane (though it’s said not to be compared to her). Michael Keaton as Toomes was a great choice to be the Villian as he’s not your normal bad guy as he is a father and was good until he lost the contract he had worked hard for. It takes a while for you to get used to Tom Holland as Peter Parker but I think it works okay.

I’ve seen this in both 3D and 2D and I don’t think the 3D version justifies any additional expenses so would recommend watching this in 2D. I give this a 8/10 as it is a good film and one that can be watched multiple times.

Cars 3

Number 95 Lightning McQueen is back, first thing I noticed is that the CGI has improved since the original Cars animation back in 2006. The following contains spoilers.

McQueen is now 7 time Piston Cup winner but during the season a new racer Jackson Storm arrives in the scene, Jackson is a new generation of racer with using the latest technology to improve performance and as more racers follow, McQueens friends and fellow competitors start retiring or are fired by the sponsor more of the latest generation racers start appearing in the races. During one race in an effort to keep up with Jackson he has a major crash due to a loose wheel, during his recovery/repair he watches old races involving Hudson that saw his career ended and he tells Sally that he wants to race again. Rusty & Dusty the owners of McQueens racing team get McQueen to attend their brand new race centre, however he finds out that they’ve sold the team to Sterling. McQueen gets impatient with Sterling and his new trainer Cruz’s methods and damages the centres equipment. ¬†Sterling believes that McQueen is no longer good enough to race and wants to use him for product endorsement, McQueen offers him a deal, let him race the last race and if he wins he keeps racing but if doesn’t he’ll do the endorsements, Sterling accepts but only if Cruz trains him. They race on the beach but rather than Cruz training him, McQueen ends up teaching Cruz how to race on a beach before they head off to the dirt track Hudson used to race on but accidentally end up in a demolition derby, which Cruz ends up winning and accidentally reveals McQueen on TV. On the way back Cruz tells McQueen that she wanted to be a racer but didn’t make it and she makes her way back on her own. McQueen calls Mater and McQueen then decides to seek out Smokey, Doc’s mentor, he picks up Cruz on the way to Doc’s hometown. When they arrive they start a lap on Doc’s track when they bump into Smokey who takes them to meet Doc’s friends and former racers, they tell them stories about Doc and whilst not the fastest driver outsmarted the other drivers. Smokey then trains McQueen with Cruz being a racing partner and uses some unorthodox methods. During his last practice race he loses to Cruz as he has a flashback to his crash, Cruz also had been training with Smokey and had learnt to become a racer. In Florida McQueen starts the race last as he missed qualifying, Sterling seeing Cruz sends her back to the centre but McQueen overhears the conversation and his pit crew call her back and gets Cruz set up for racing using his number and send her out racing. Smokey hands over the radio to McQueen on the pit wall and McQueen coaches her through the race. On the last lap Cruz is just behind Storm and Storm forces Cruz into the wall but she uses a trick that Doc did to flip over Storm to win, Cruz then quits from Sterling and accepts to race for Dinoco and both McQueen & Cruz are classified as both winners therefore McQueen wins his bet and will keep racing. Dinoco buy Rust-Eze so McQueen can race and Train Cruz, Cruz takes Doc’s old number whilst McQueen takes his colour scheme.

This took you back to racing and I think the best of the Cars films so far. Any kid even big kids should watch this and even has Lewis Hamilton voiceover for Cruz’s Phone Personal Assistant Hamilton. Certainly a great weekend film this gets a 9/10.

War For The Planet Of The Apes

Following on from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Rise of the Planet of the Apes the opening sequence give a quick recap of these movies, which to me was good as at the time had not watched any of the other movies in the reboot of the Planet of the Apes films, so you can watch this even if not watched the others (though after watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes since I would suggest to watch the other films first). War continues from Dawn where after Koba’s attack on the Humans after he shot Caesar and blamed the humans, the humans whilst under siege called for reinforcements though there is a gap between the films it’s led to believe the soldiers have now arrived and are attacking the Apes base with the help of a couple of Apes that have sided with the humans, War sees Woody Harrelson star as the Colonel for the Army with Andy Serkis returning as Caesar, Karin Konoval as Maurice and Terry Notary as Rocket. Caesar having sent his son out to find a new home away from the Humans to try and avoid conflict is woken by an Intruder in the Apes camp which turns out to be a group of soldiers, a few of them are killed by the Apes guards but the Colonel kills Caesars son and wife before escaping. The following morning Caesar tells the other Apes to go to the new home across the woods whilst he goes and confronts the Colonel, Maurice and Rocket refuse to leave him and go with him. During the journey the trio along with Luca they come across an abandoned village but are force to kill a human as he was about to fire on them, in the village they find a young girl (Amiah Miller) who is unable to speak to due the virus that wiped out most of the Humans in Rise, Maurice “adopts” her as she would not be able to survive on her own and takes her with them, they then stumble across another Ape who tries to steal from them and chase him to a Ski resort and he gives himself up and gives the young girl his coat as says she’s cold, he then tells them his name is “Bad Ape” and used to live in the Sierra Zoo but is now on own, that evening he tells them where the Soldiers may be as a former facility by the Border. Along with “Bad Ape” the group then travel down to the facility and on their way a patrol ambush and kill Luca, as they make their way down further they see that in the facility are other Apes, Caesar goes into the facility on his own and sees the rest of his family have been captured and confronts the Colonel after seeing the Apes being forced to build defences without food or water, the Colonel tells Caesar that the virus has evolved and now causes humans to become Mute if they catch the virus (like the young girl who has been named Nova by Maurice), Caesar is then tortured and then put in confinement without food and water whilst the other Apes have now been given some, Nova sneaks into the facility and gives Caesar her doll and gets him some water and the other Apes give her some food to give to him too, however Nova is nearly caught and Rocket has to break in and allow him to be captured to allow Nova to escape. Maurice and Bad Ape having found a way into the facility underground thanks to Rocket before his capture start to dig upwards to the camp after Rocket and Caesar give them steps to each camp and one evening they manage to stage a break out.

I did start off trying not to give the plot away but got carried away so will leave it here so if you want to see what happens you’ll have to go and watch it. I really enjoyed the film and had to go and watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but still need to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes to get the full story, however I did like that it gave a brief overview at the start so you weren’t completely lost if you like me hadn’t seen any of the previous films. A lot of the film is done in Sign language because of the Apes which I thought was really good and adding Nova a young mute girl into it and seeing her sign with the Apes also was really good and it’s not often a non speaking part wows you but I though Amiah did really well and she had a great connection to Maurice (Karin).

This is one that should not be missed and it maybe deserves more than an 8/10 that I give it. Watch it.

The House

After seeing the trailer this was another that looked good and starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler The House looked a sure thing but how did it live up? Well it’s certainly a funny film even if the plot is a bit stupid and some of the antics are as daft as anything so what it’s about?

Set in the small town run by a small town committee, Alex Johansen (Ryan Simpkins) gets accepted into college and her parents Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) are relying on the grant the town give each year to the most gifted student but this year the committee have instead choosen to be a Pool complex and not do the grant leaving Scott and Kate to find the money for their daughters college and after getting turned down for loans they go to Vegas with their friend Frank Theodorakis (Jason Mantzoukas) and after winning a few games of Craps Scott makes an error saying don’t throw a four and this puts Frank off and he throws a four and they lose all their money, later Frank says that the only winner is the house and later back at home Frank suggests they run a casino from his home and they set one up and starting small it builds up and they get more people turning up and start making money all whilst keeping it a secret from Alex. We then see how they deal with a card counter with hilarious results and also the Police, the crooked town clerk and a criminal gang. Whilst in parts the film is hilarious it does seem to have missed on making a worthy film with the cast, whilst Will, Amy and Jason all work well together none of the other cast do and the relationships between the Town Clerk and his assistant (I guess) are neither here nor there, it seems they’re having an affair but there is no real connection between them and the Police department is worst then the Dukes of Hazzard’s police departments, it seems the script concentrated on Amy, Will and Jason characters but no-one else’s so is too disjointed for the movie to work, it’s even hard to belief that Alex is Scott and Kates’ Daughter.

I don’t recommend this to see at the cinema I would wait unit is on TV before watching, it’s not terrible but should be so much better so only giving it a 6/10 rating.