Funko POP! Vinyl Figures

Thought I’ll do a Page similar to Movie Seen for the Funko POP! Vinyl Figures I have and want to add to my Collection.

First are the ones I have.

Name Series Figure No.
Mary Poppins Disney 51
Anna Disney 81
Elsa Disney 82
Olaf (Summer) Disney 120
Elizabeth Swann Disney 175
Queen of Hearts Disney 179
Belle (Village) Disney 249
Queenie Goldstein Fantastic Beasts 3
Tina Goldstein Fantastic Beasts 4
Niffler Fantastic Beasts 8
Hermione – Yule Ball Harry Potter 11
Sirius Black Harry Potter 16
Harry Potter with Harry Potter 32
Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad Heroes 97
Deadshot Heroes 98
Hippolyta Heroes 174
Wonder Women in Blue Dress Heroes 177
Hawkeye – Avengers 2 Marvel 70
Scarlet Witch Marvel 95
Agent 13 Marvel 131
Baby Groot Marvel 202
Samantha Baker Movies 137
Brian Johnson Movies 145
Allison Reynolds Movies 148
Cro-Minion Movies 169
Janet Weiss Movies 210
Janet Weiss Movies 210
Katniss (Mockingjay) Movies 231
Dionne Movies 247
Amber Movies 248
Cher Movies 249
Emma Bloom Movies 261
Miss Peregrine Movies 262
Dom Torretto Movies 275
Brian O’Connor Movies 276
Luke Hobbs Movies 277
Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Movies 380
Tourist Dave Movies 418
Lucky Movies 424
Yoda Star Wars 2
R2-D2 Star Wars 31
Rey Star Wars 58
Poe Dameron Star Wars 62
Captain Phasma Star Wars 65
First Order Snowtrooper Star Wars 67
Sidon Ithano Star Wars 83
Han Solo (Snow Gear) Star Wars 86
General Hux Star Wars 109
Jyn Erso Star Wars 138
Captain Cassian Andor Star Wars 139
Director Orson Krennic Star Wars 142
Darth Vader (Rogue One) Star Wars 143
Scarif Stormtrooper Star Wars 145
K-2SO Star Wars 146
Young Jyn Erso Star Wars 185
Rogue One 8 Pack Star Wars
Sookie Stackhouse TV 128
Eric Northman TV 129
Bill Compton TV 130
Alcide Herveaux TV 131
Pam Swynford De Beaufont TV 132
Lafayette Reynolds TV 133
Zack Morris TV 313
AC Slater TV 315

The Rogue One 8 Pack is a Limited Edition pack that was exclusive to the Disney Store.

I’ve decided to remove the list of figures I want to get as the list is ever-creasing with Funko releases new Pop Vinyl figures all the time

I tend to use Amazon and Forbidden Planet to buy my figures though also use Game Dealz & Toy Haven via Amazon – Game Dealz and Toy Haven are both US Stores but tend to have wider selection and are cheaper though do take 3-4 weeks to arrive. I’ve not had very good experience with PopInABox so don’t use these as had 2 figures pre-ordered and when I chased a week after released was told had been sold out and my order will now be cancelled, which I thought was very poor..

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