Kate Winslet – Top 3 Movies

The second of my Top 3 is my favourite Kate Winslet films but first a bit about Kate Elizabeth Winslet whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting albeit she was wearing Dr Martins, jeans and rolling a cigarette, it was also a year or so before Titanic came out. Titanic was the first film I did see starring Kate Winslet but I have since watched Heaven Creatures, Jude and Sense & Sensibility. For someone who has been body shamed by the business and the press she has had no issues with appearing naked. 

Kate has had seven Oscar nominations winning once for The Reader and a top 10 single with What If from the Animation film Christmas Carol The Movie which she voiced Belle, among numerous of other awards including a CBE. 

Now my Top 3, this was quite hard to narrow down since she has starred in over 35 films but here goes. 

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  2. Titanic
  3. The Holiday

My Top 2 change positions a few times during my planning but decided on Eternal as felt this was a better if different film. Titanic I loved and saw it as a first date with then girlfriend Mary and holds fond memories for me. The Holiday was behind Enigma & Collateral Beauty at the start and then the Life of David Gale popped into my head but gave it to the Holiday as I liked the kindness of her character in it. In fact I think of all of the Kate Winslet films I’ve seen (most of the ones she has been in) only Triple 9 I’ve disliked her character/performance as she was very unconvincing as a Russian Gangster. 

Kate has 2 films out later this year and I believe one of them is already being a  potential Oscar nomination and I shall look forward to watching them. 

Top 3 Movies – My All Time

Thought I’ll do some Top 3 Blogs of certain films, here are my Top 3 All Time films, I will blog about each film later. 

  1. The Day After Tomorrow – Always watch this when on, love that it focus on climate change with our current state of the world, I also like that why unlikely this is entirely possible. Global warming has cause a chunk of polar ice to break off that causes a change in the sea temperature that in turn caused extreme weather that cause the northern hemisphere to go to an Ice Age and the leading Global Warming scientist having to ski to New York to rescue his son. 

  2. Room – Emotional, outstanding acting and Brie fully deserved her Oscar and who can forget young Jacob who aged 8 years old plays Joy’s (Brie) 5 year old son, based on a true story. Joy had been held captive for 7 years and Jack has never seen the outside world and only knows the Room, Joy hatches a plan and helps Jack escape and get help for her, once released Joy has to learn to live outside and teach Jack about it. It’s very emotional but I loved it. 

  3. The Breakfast Club – The beginning of the Brat Pack (for me anyway) and the meeting of Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy. I love the mixture of characters and who couldn’t love the soundtrack by The Simple Minds. It threw kids from different aspects of life in to a Saturday detention for different reason with a power hungry assistant principal who want to show he was boss but they end up find out about each other and each one is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. 


After seeing the trailer I was intrigued about how the film was going to pan out and I was keen to see it but this unfortunately is a review that’s going to say don’t bother seeing. Starring Anne Hathaway as Gloria, Jason Sudeikis as Oscar and Dan Stevens as Tim. Gloria arrives home drunk one morning after another party but Tim (her boyfriend) has packed her things and says he’s had enough of her partying so she moves back to her parents old house and bumps into an old school friend (Oscar) who shows her the bar he has inhertied from his father. at the bar she meets Oscar’s friends Garth and Joel and they stay and have a few drinks, aftwerwards a drunk Gloria walks home through a park. When she wakes up she gets a call to watch the news and sees a monster attack on Seoul, she notices it has the same tic (itch on top of head) as she has and the next day at the same time she goes through the park and does some hand moments which she sees the monster do on the news later. The following day she tells the others and takes them to the park and while she gets them to watch a live stream of the monster and starts dancing and asks what is the monster doing, which they reply dancing and they look up to see Gloria dancing, as she dances a helicopter crashes into the monsters head and Gloria feels it, as she moves away she stumbles and falls, she later finds out several people died because of the fall and finds out a robot has also appeared alongside the monster, with Oscar’s helps she writes an apology via the Monster and notices that Oscar is the Robot and starts having flashbacks to her childhood. Oscar starts going to the park and wants to cause havoc with the robot but Gloria doesn’t and the pair of them start yelling. Eventually Gloria remembers the events that led to Robot/Monster appearances and she notices something on a map and heads to Seoul where she appears back in her town as the Monster and controls the monster to grab Oscar and throws him which in turn causes the robot to be thrown away from the city. She then walks back through the streets of Seoul and to a bar. 

Sounds kind of exciting and an enjoyable film reading that but honestly I thought it was very poor and not something I would say is worth seeing. I don’t Anne or Jason did anything wrong I just thought the storyline was rubbish, to me it’s like a story a film student wrote, the basis is there but it just seemed there was a massive rush to film it. 



Miss Sloane

After seeing the trailer for this movie, I put it on my to see list though I went into it with an open mind not knowing if I would like it or not. Starring Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane as a Lobbyist who whilst working for one Washington DC Lobbying firm is asked to lead the opposition to a proposed bill regarding buying guns and a requirement for background checks to be made for all purchases by a representative of a gun manufacturing and aim the campaign at women, Sloane ridicules this idea and during another campaign party Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) approaches Sloane and asks her to lead the effort to sport the bill with his lobbying firm, she accepts and takes her staff apart from her assistant Jane Molloy (Alison Pill) with her, Molloy refusing to leave as she wants to be the new Sloane at the firm.

During the campaign she selects Esme (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) to front the campaign in the Media as during her diligent research of her new staff she finds that Esme is a survivor of a Childhood gun attack at her school though at first she promises she won’t disclose this information but during a TV debate she does, later after another media slot Esme is held up at gunpoint but the would be attacker is shot by a member of public which causes the support for the bill to wane slightly, because of this and knowing how ruthless Sloane is her old lobbying firm along passes documents that show she has violated Senate Ethics and an hearing is arranged where Sloane is accused of breaching the Ethics and a travel form for a non-profit organisation that she has signed showing she has played a role in illegally arrange travel. When asked if she had anything to say as a final statement at first she says no but then says she has and then to inform the committee that having anticipated this assault on her that Jane Molloy though still at her old firm had been working for her and produced evidence of the Senator in charge of the committee accepting bribes from her old firm to bring these charges up which was then played in the hearing, she also shows her old boss what her new boss was paying for her service. The film ends with Sloane being visited in prison by her lawyer who says the bill has passed and in the final scenes she is seen released from prison.

I really liked this film more than I anticipated and I liked Jessica’s character in this. Though it was worked into the film by the using him in the hearing to see if Sloane broke the law I’m not sure of the importance of Forde who Sloane uses like a male prostitute (it’s suggested but never seen) in the movie. The movie glued me to the screen for the 130 odd minutes and deserves it nominations at the Golden Globes and other Movie Awards it received. My Rating is a good solid 8/10

The Shawshank Redemption

Number 1 in the IMDB top 250 and until a couple of weeks ago a film I hadn’t seen. Made in 1994 and set in 1940/50’s and directed by Frank Darabont it stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and tells the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) a banker who is sentenced to 2 life sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover despite his claims of his innocence. During his time he befriends a fellow inmate Ellis Boyd Redding (Morgan Freeman) known as Red and gets Red to get him a small Rock Hammer and a poster of Rita Hayworth.

During his first months at prison Andy is regularly beaten by “the sisters” a couple of years later whilst working on fixing a roof with a gang of prisoners he overhears the Captain of the guards complain about being taxed on his inheritance, Andy offers to help his legally shelter the money. After one beating from the sisters that nearly kills Andy, the guards take revenge on their leader Bogs and cripple him and he is transferred to another prison. The Warden transfers Andy to work in the Prison Library and over a period of time the Warden gets Andy to manage his financial matters and then the rest of the prison employees, during his time in the library Andy starts writing letters asking for funds from the State government to improve the library.

Several years later Andy receives a donation for the library including a record of The Marriage of Figaro which he manages to play over the Public Address system after locking himself in a room, he receives solitary confinement for this but he tells Red that it has given him hope now. The warden then starts using the prisoners for public works and starts undercutting skilled labour and receives bribes and gets Andy to launder the money using an alias (Randall Stephens). The following year a prisoner (Tommy Williams) befriends Andy and Andy helps him study for his GED, during this time Tommy hears about the reason why Andy is locked up and tells a story about a former cellmate that confessed to him about committing this crime. When Andy hears about this he speaks to the warden but the warden refusing to listen and sends Andy to Soliatary confinement and then has Tommy killed by tricking him to being in an area outside of the prison so it looks like he’s escaping. After Andy has been released from Soliatry confinement he tells Red his plan on his release and gets him to promise to visit a tree in a field in Buxton, Maine, Red promises this but doesn’t believe either of them will get released. One day after Andy mentions to Red about having enough and Red finds that Andy has got 6 feet of rope from another prisoner Andy is not present at Roll Call, Red believes that Andy has hung himself but when the guards enter the cell it is empty, the warden then throws one of Andy’s rocks at the poster on his wall (now Raquel Welch) and it rips and they find that there is a tunnel that Andy has dug using the rock hammer behind it and he has escaped.

Andy after escaping having taken the Wardens clothes too, visits the banks posing as Randall Stephens and withdraws the money that he help laundered and then sends the ledger and the rest of the operation paperwork to a local paper which in turn prints the corruption and the FBI swaps on the prison and arrest the captain of the guards and whilst trying to get into the Warden’s office, he commits suicide. Shortly afterwards after spending 40 years in prison Red is paroled, he struggles to adjust to outside life but remembers his promise to Andy and visits the tree and finds money and a letter asking Red to come to Zihuatanejo in Mexico to work with him, he travels to Mexico breaking his parole and finds Andy working on a boat on the beach and they’re reunited.

I can’t believe it took me so long to watch this film and I thought was very good and certainly deserves to be in the top films on the IMDB. It works really well and I thought Tim and Morgan are outstanding in this and this is a must watch film.

Their Finest


British film based on the novel Their Finest Hour and a half by Lissa Evans and tells the story of the British Ministry of Information film team creating a morale boosting film during the London Blitz.

Release Date:- 21st April

Review Date:- 23rd April

Directed By: Lone  Scherfig

Gemma Arterton as Catrin Cole

Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley

Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard

Jack Huston as Ellis Cole

Helen McCrory as Sophie Smith

Eddie Marsan as Sammy Smith

Jake Lacy as Carl Lundbeck

Racharl Stirling as Phyl Moore

Richard E Grant as Roger Swain

Henry Goodman as Gabriel Baker

Claudia Jessie as Doris Cleavely (Lily)

Stephanie Hyam as Andela Ralli-Thomas (Rose)


Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) a former secretary is hired by the British Ministry as a Propaganda film scriptwriter during World War II and is tasked in helping writing a morale boosting film along with feeling scriptwriters Tom and Raymond. The film set in War time London during the Blitz and takes in Devon whilst they film the outside shots of the film that the scriptwriters have done. Catrin has come to London with her husband Ellis (whilst she later says they’re not married), and hears of a story about 2 sisters who borrowed their father’s boat to help with the Dunkirk evacuation but Catrin finds that the story is not actually true but have never been corrected. Catrin uses their story as the backdrop to the film that they start writing and turns the film into the scriptwriting with film making and the developing romance between Catrin and Tom. Without ruining the film the ending is more sad than happy but the film was top notch, the cast where superb and Sam and Gemma shone as did Bill and Rachael even if in just supporting roles. I’m liking Sam Claflin acting more and more and I’ve always been a fan of Gemma Arterton and feel she is becoming a better actress and more suited to more varied roles.


I would love to give this film a 9 it deserves but I just wished it had a happier ending, I do love the fact that Rotten Tomato site had this done as a comedy, if you went to see this as a Comedy you would be very disappointed, Bill Nighly does give some comical aspect in parts of the film but this a Drama type film but I wouldn’t say a romantic one even with the blossoming but brief romance between Catrin and Tom. This is a film I will watch again and it certainly lived up to what I had hoped for even if I wanted a happy ending so I’m going to give it  8½/10



Have seen Unforgettable being advertised by one of the stars – Katherine Heigl as follow her on Social Media and it looked interesting and the trailers left me wondering. 

Tessa a beautiful mum to Lily and ex-wife to David struggles to come to terms with David’s new girlfriend Julie and her relationship with her daughter and will stop at nothing to ruin their relationship, while Julie hopes David will help put her troubled past behind her, until Tessa finds out about the past and sees it as a way to end their relationship.

Release Date:- 21st April (US & UK)

Review Date:- 24th April

Directed By: Denise Di Novi


Katherine Heigl – Tessa Connover

Rosario Dawson – Julia Banks

Geoff Stults – David Connover

Isabella Rice – Lily Connover

Chertl Ladd – Tessa’s mother

Simon Kassiandides – Michael Vargas

Whitney Cummings – Ali (Julie’s best friend) 


Well 70 to 80 minutes of this film was the complete opposite to the title and was forgettable, there is a few small parts that were okay but it’s basically Man has new girlfriend, ex wife doesn’t like this and goes out to destroy her and it progresses to putting the girlfriend’s life in danger and in the end one of them has to die. The storyline is predictable, Katherine plays the Ex as a cold ice queen but even her erotic scene doesn’t really give her any joy. Rosario plays the girlfriend well and I think the only one that comes out of this well aside Isabella who plays Lily. The last 20 minutes is where all the action is when Tessa’s efforts come through. 

I kept forgetting the name of the film which others thought was hilarious due to the name of the film but perhaps it was a sign.


Truely Forgettable sums it up. There was 7 people in the showing I watched and I was the only male, not sure if this had been advertised as a Chick Flick (I didn’t think it had) but I considered leaving early but I hate people that do and that’s also for other things such as Theatre and Football. I give the movie less marks then people that attended, this is something I won’t watch again as there was just nothing to grab your attention and keep you watching. I don’t recommend this to other and would say wait until reaches the TV and then if find rubbish can switch over without wasting money. 4/10