2017 Top 5 Films

First off Merry Christmas to all as I write this on 25th December. With just 1 week left off the year I thought I do a post of my top 5 films off the year, I still have at least 2 more to see (Pitch Perfect 3 & The Greatest Showman) in the next few days but not sure if either will dislodge any of the films I have in my Top 5. I will have seen 87 films in 2017 after I see the 2 mentioned films.

I started on 2nd January (as this was a bank holiday last year) with Assassins Creed and currently I will end with the Greatest Showman on Saturday 30th December though I may see a film on the 31st as not planned this day yet. So here are my Top 5

5. Miss Sloane – Starring Jessica Chastain as Miss Sloane it follows a lobbyist who defects to a rival firm over the lobbying of a gun law and is brought in front of the senate to answer charges related to her practice at her previous firm but a Senator who was against the proposed Gun changes. Miss Sloane received many film award nominations including the Golden Globes

4. Beauty and the Beast – Disney Live action remake of the animation starring Emma Watson as Bella and Dan Stevens as their Beast (Prince). This is one of a very few that have made me completely lost in a film and I loved the chemistry growing between Bella and The Beast, the humour and the music worked well in the film and I’m sure this will be nominated for some awards too.

3. Lion – Nominated for 6 Oscars including best film it follows the true story of Saroo Brierley after getting lost whilst going with his brother to his job and ending up being fostered by an Australia couple and years later tries to track and finally succeeds in doing so and and finally reunites. The film is a moving story and anyone that watches it will find it both terrifying and moving. Dev Patel starred as Saroo and really made the role come to life.

2. Manchester By The Sea – This actually started as my number 5 before finally deciding it should be number 2, again it’s a moving film and sees a boy being looked after by his Uncle after his father dies and shows the ups and downs of the relationship and how both come to terms with the situation. Again it nominated for the Best Picture at the Oscars but also didn’t win. This is a film I think works better as you watch more as after I first saw it I didn’t take everything in it was only when starting write a review and rewatching the story in my head that it started to improve (i find the best films do this IMO). Casey Affleck I think came out of his brother’s Ben shadows in this film whilst Lucas Hedges showed what a talent he can become.

Now my top film off the year.

1. Hacksaw Ridge – I predicted this would be an Oscar winner but it ended up just a nominee in the Best Picture category. Starring Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss a 7th Day Adventist who refused to hold a weapon during the Second World War and won the Medal of Honor for the courage he showed by rescuing over 75 men during one night on his own. Andrew’s performance is one of the best I’ve seen and this was an absolute fabulous film and is up in my top 10 of all time films now, it had everything a try story, plenty of action, guts and bloody parts and also a romance.

I could’ve chosen several other films that I think were good enough to be in my top 5 such as Moonlight which won Best Picture at the Oscars and even Hidden Figures. Other films I think deserve a mention are Wonder Woman probably the best DC film made along with Justice League, Gifted which I really enjoyed and of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention The Last Jedi the latest in the Star Wars Saga.

I look forward to beating this total next year and also to see what films are nominated for the Oscars as in the UK these films tend to come out in January.

2017 Movies to See

These are the remaining films I want to see this year

Movie Release Date 
The Space Between Us 10th February
Patriots Day 23rd February 
A Cure For Wellness  24th February 
Logan 1st March
Beauty and the Beast  17th March
Ghost in the Shell 31st March
The Boss Baby 7th April 
Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 28th April
A Dog’s Purpose  5th May
Wonder Woman  2nd June
Despicable Me 3 30th June
Spider-Man- Homecoming 7th July
Cars 3 14th July
Dunkirk 21st July
Thor – Ragnarok 27th October
Paddington 2 10th November
Justice League 17th November
Daddy’s Home 2 24th November
Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi  15th December 
Pitch Perfect 3 22nd December 

I expect there will be more but these are dates I’ve got from the movie distribution list, the latest Fast and Furious film Fast 8 (think that’s still the title) wasn’t listed but will be on list to see. I know when I see trailers of movies too I will add on list to see. Already noticed I’ve missed Kong: Skull Island from that list. 

2017 Movies Seen

Below is a list of movies watched this year (at the Cinema), I will try and keep updated and may add rating and blog URL to the list later but need to remember how to create a table {Update managed to figure out how to do this as it’s same as I do when creating the Lockdown screens I do for work}.

Movie URL Rating
Assasin Creed 7/10
Live By Night 7/10
Monster Trucks 7/10
La La Land 8/10
Manchester By The Sea 8/10
Hacksaw Ridge 9/10
Sing 8/10
A Monster Calls 8/10
Jackie 6/10
Split 7/10
Hidden Figures 8/10
The Founder 7/10
Fences 8/10
Moonlight 8/10
Lion 9/10
A Cure For Wellness 6/10