Pitch Perfect 3

Date Watched: – 9th January 2018

Director: – Trish Sie

Genre: – Comedy, Music

Starring: –  Anna Jendrick (Beca), Brittany Snow (Chloe), Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy/Patricia), Anna Camp (Aubrey) and Hailee Steinfeld (Emily)

Review: –

Beca, Chloe, Aubrey, Fat Amy and the rest of the Bellas are back for the third instalment of the Pitch Perfect. The Bellas have all now gone their separate way though many still keep in touch with Beca now a Music Producer and Chloe training to be a Vet. After Beca quits her job and returns to the flat she shares with Amy, Chloe arrives and reminds them about the Bella Reunion that is happening later that evening. When all the Bellas reunite they find Emily had invited them to watch the current Bella’s perform rather than the old Bellas to sing, afterwards Chloe says she would give anything to perform with the Bellas again when Audrey mentions about the USO (United Service Organizations) Performance Tour that her Dad (A High Ranking Naval Officer) can get them in which if they’re good enough would get to open for DJ Khaled.

The Bellas then start the tour and first arrive in Spain and after meeting the other bands on the tour they perform on the opening night of the tour where they sing Cheap Thrills but are interrupted by Taps being played by the loud speaker so later they decide to go to the Hotel/Casino that DJ Khaled is staying at the girls split up before reunite to go to DJ Khaled suite (though he’s not in the suite at the time) whilst Fat Amy is escorted into the Casino as a special guest where her estranged father joins her but she’s upset as she left her and is a criminal. Back at the suite Theo (DJ Khaled’s Music Producer) finds Beca and shows her DJ Khaled’s music equipment and gets her to start laying some tracks down whilst the rest of girls manage to cause chaos and start a fire just as DJ Khaled returns to his suite. The next morning the girls decide to stop trying to win and just perform for enjoyment after face-timing Staceie who just had a baby girl that she has named Bella.

The girls then travel to Italy and Greece to perform in the tour and finally go to the South of France where the Tour ends where DJ Khaled gets Theo to bring Beca to him where he offers her the chance to perform as opening act for him and also offers her a record deal, Beca refuses and goes to try and find the girls to tell them. Meanwhile the girls have been kidnapped by Fat Amy’s father as he requires Amy to go to the Cayman Islands to access her Bank Account which contains $180 million and are taken aboard his yacht. When Amy’s father calls Amy to tell her he has the girls she warns him that she’s coming for him. Amy and Beca sneak onto the yacht with Beca joining the rest of the girls whilst Amy goes below deck and disables the rest of the staff/bodyguards of her father. When Beca joins the group she says that if the Bellas are going to suffering then they should sing and start to perform Toxic and at the end Fat Amy comes crashing through the roof and the girls escape with Amy’s father being arrested. Whilst the girls dry off Beca (well Amy) tells the rest that Khaled has chosen her to perform but she has turned it down but the Bellas say they lift family up not hold them down and she must perform and that they’re happy with not having to perform.

Beca opens for DJ Khaled and starts laying down the track using her vocals and then starts to perform Freedom which during the song she gets the rest of the Bellas on Stage with her to help perform it and they receive a standing ovation. During the end scenes we see that Audrey’s father has watched the show and then Chloe hooks up with Chicago (one of the Army escorts) and we see the journey of the Bellas with outtakes from the previous Pitch Perfect films.

Reading this it actual sounds better than the film actual was as if you take out the music then this film is pretty dire and the acting was poor. The songs and music performances were good and raise the rating up but though the storyline seems decent it felt rushed and far-fetched. As per the last film Anna, Brittany and Rebel carried a lot of the film with Anna playing a lesser role than the first film again.

If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan then yes see this as it’s the end of the Bellas but otherwise I would say give this a miss, if you do want to see it give it a year and watch it when it arrives on TV.

6/10 just because the Music Performances are worthy of this.

American Assassin

Date Watched: – 25th September 2017

Director: – Michael Cuesta

Genre: – Action, Thriller

Starring: – Dylan O’Brien (Mitch Rapp), Michael Keaton (Stan Hurley), Sanaa Lathan (Deputy Director Irene Kennedy), Shiva Negar (Annika) & Taylor Kitsch (Ghost)


Another review I started but had not completed and posted, I missed this original as an Unlimited Screening due to illness but finally watched this and it was generally a decent film. Mitch has just proposed to his girlfriend on the beach in Ibiza when the beach is attacked by terrorist and both are shot, his girlfriend is then shot in the head at close range killing her, 18 months has passed and Mitch is working on his vengeance and frequently visits the message board where his girlfriend’s killers post trying to get a face to face meet with them, when he finally does the US Secret Services raid the cell, in a US safe house he is then questioned and is given a debriefing by the CIA, he is then offered to join a black ops unit which is headed by Stan Hurley a former US Navy Seal who trains Mitch and the other recruits.

The team is sent to Turkey to track and retrieve stolen Plutonium that is needed to power stolen Nuclear Missiles, however in Istanbul the team is made but Mitch pursues the buyer to his apartment and steals his laptop killing him in the process. The information then leads them to Rome where Mitch uncovers Annika one of the team members is an undercover Iranian Agent and she’s arrested though she tells Mitch she is trying to stop the terrorist too, Stan is captured by Ghost during a meet with a contact and as Annika is being transferred out of the safe house Mitch intercepts her and frees her, working together they locate Stan and Ghost, Ghost captures Annika, though Annika tells Mitch to shot her, he can’t so she shots herself to stop herself being in the way, Ghosts escapes and Mitch frees an injured Stan.

Ghost escapes with the Nuclear Bomb to a boat and aims for the US Navy Sixth Fleet which is exercising in the Med, planning a Kamikaze attack, Mitch manages to get on board the boat and kills Ghost and then attempts to divert the boat away from the fleet as the bomb is about to explode, seconds before it explodes Mitch is rescued by a Navy Helicopter and as the bomb goes off it’s pushed by the blast but the pilot manages to keep control, the bomb causes a Tsunami wave that damaged the sixth fleet but survive the wave. Whilst recovering Stan finds out that Mitch is on holiday in Dubai where the Iranian Faction that tried to obtain the weapon before it was stolen are hoping to win an election, as they board an elevator Mitch is in the back of the elevator smiling and the film ends.

This is a good film that could’ve been better, it reminds me of Homeland (TV Series) a lot and perhaps this might’ve been better being a 2 part TV Film where could’ve had more in the film and more story as you did have to fill in gaps, I can’t fault the cast it just it could’ve been a bit more, better. It is worth watching but maybe wait until is released on Home Media (edit – I expect now it is finished in the Cinema so Home Media would be only way to watch now once released), there will be better and worst films on the same plot/story-lineThis then gets a solid 7/10


Date Watched: – 29th October 2017

Director: – Andy Serkis

Genre: – Biography, Romance, Drama

Starring: – Andrew Garfield (Robin Cavendish), Claire Foy (Diana Blacker), Tom Hollander (Bloggs & David Blacker), Dean-Charles Chapman (Adult – Jonathan Cavendish), Hugh Bonneville (Teddy Hall) & Stephen Mangan (Dr Clement Aitken)


Based on true events this was another I was looking forward to see as this is one of my favourite genres of films. Robert Cavendish was a tea broker in Africa when in 1958 whilst in Kenya with his wife Diane became ill with Polio and became paralyzed from the neck down and was put on a mechanical respirator to help him breathe and was given just 3 months to live but after showing some recovery was then given a life expectancy of a year, Robert begged his wife to turn off his machine and start again but Diana heavily pregnant when Robert became paralyzed gave birth to their son Jonathan soon after, Diana started to learn how to look after Robert and with the help of friends and against the advice of doctors left the hospital to live at home with a use of a respirator at home. Two years after leaving hospital Robert had an idea and with the help of his friend Teddy Hall an Oxford University professor developed a wheelchair with a built in respirator that allowed Robert to move around and travel to Spain where the battery blows up and they have to manual breathe for Robert and the Locals come to where they’re parked and make a feast of it and help with the manual bagging for Robert. They then meet Dr Clement Aitken who helps them further with helping other people that are tied to a respirator to live and they travel to a conference in Germany to try and get the medical world to back them in trying to get more chairs for these disabled people which they manage to do so.

Robert starts to deteriorate and tells Diana that he is ready to die, at first Diana says no but then accepts his decision and after a farewell party with the help of Dr Aitken he is made comfortable and passes away with his family by his side 36 years after first being attached to a respirator and one of the longest living Polio survivors in the UK. During the credits it is said that Jonathan went on to become a film producer and then it tells you the film is produced by him in tribute to his Father and Mother.

Though I knew at the time this was based on a true story I found it really fitting that Jonathan their son produced this film as this meant that it stayed more to what really happened then being Hollywood’d (not sure if a real term but to me means it’s had the artist licence applied to it). Andrew and Claire were superb in the film and there is a chemistry between them that makes the pairing work well.  This is certainly a well worth seeing film as it shows you also how recent care for the long term disabled has changed for the better and how recent that these people where simply locked away in hospitals. It is a beautifully done film and a solid and deserved 8/10