Pitch Perfect 3

Date Watched: – 9th January 2018

Director: – Trish Sie

Genre: – Comedy, Music

Starring: –  Anna Jendrick (Beca), Brittany Snow (Chloe), Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy/Patricia), Anna Camp (Aubrey) and Hailee Steinfeld (Emily)

Review: –

Beca, Chloe, Aubrey, Fat Amy and the rest of the Bellas are back for the third instalment of the Pitch Perfect. The Bellas have all now gone their separate way though many still keep in touch with Beca now a Music Producer and Chloe training to be a Vet. After Beca quits her job and returns to the flat she shares with Amy, Chloe arrives and reminds them about the Bella Reunion that is happening later that evening. When all the Bellas reunite they find Emily had invited them to watch the current Bella’s perform rather than the old Bellas to sing, afterwards Chloe says she would give anything to perform with the Bellas again when Audrey mentions about the USO (United Service Organizations) Performance Tour that her Dad (A High Ranking Naval Officer) can get them in which if they’re good enough would get to open for DJ Khaled.

The Bellas then start the tour and first arrive in Spain and after meeting the other bands on the tour they perform on the opening night of the tour where they sing Cheap Thrills but are interrupted by Taps being played by the loud speaker so later they decide to go to the Hotel/Casino that DJ Khaled is staying at the girls split up before reunite to go to DJ Khaled suite (though he’s not in the suite at the time) whilst Fat Amy is escorted into the Casino as a special guest where her estranged father joins her but she’s upset as she left her and is a criminal. Back at the suite Theo (DJ Khaled’s Music Producer) finds Beca and shows her DJ Khaled’s music equipment and gets her to start laying some tracks down whilst the rest of girls manage to cause chaos and start a fire just as DJ Khaled returns to his suite. The next morning the girls decide to stop trying to win and just perform for enjoyment after face-timing Staceie who just had a baby girl that she has named Bella.

The girls then travel to Italy and Greece to perform in the tour and finally go to the South of France where the Tour ends where DJ Khaled gets Theo to bring Beca to him where he offers her the chance to perform as opening act for him and also offers her a record deal, Beca refuses and goes to try and find the girls to tell them. Meanwhile the girls have been kidnapped by Fat Amy’s father as he requires Amy to go to the Cayman Islands to access her Bank Account which contains $180 million and are taken aboard his yacht. When Amy’s father calls Amy to tell her he has the girls she warns him that she’s coming for him. Amy and Beca sneak onto the yacht with Beca joining the rest of the girls whilst Amy goes below deck and disables the rest of the staff/bodyguards of her father. When Beca joins the group she says that if the Bellas are going to suffering then they should sing and start to perform Toxic and at the end Fat Amy comes crashing through the roof and the girls escape with Amy’s father being arrested. Whilst the girls dry off Beca (well Amy) tells the rest that Khaled has chosen her to perform but she has turned it down but the Bellas say they lift family up not hold them down and she must perform and that they’re happy with not having to perform.

Beca opens for DJ Khaled and starts laying down the track using her vocals and then starts to perform Freedom which during the song she gets the rest of the Bellas on Stage with her to help perform it and they receive a standing ovation. During the end scenes we see that Audrey’s father has watched the show and then Chloe hooks up with Chicago (one of the Army escorts) and we see the journey of the Bellas with outtakes from the previous Pitch Perfect films.

Reading this it actual sounds better than the film actual was as if you take out the music then this film is pretty dire and the acting was poor. The songs and music performances were good and raise the rating up but though the storyline seems decent it felt rushed and far-fetched. As per the last film Anna, Brittany and Rebel carried a lot of the film with Anna playing a lesser role than the first film again.

If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan then yes see this as it’s the end of the Bellas but otherwise I would say give this a miss, if you do want to see it give it a year and watch it when it arrives on TV.

6/10 just because the Music Performances are worthy of this.

Justice League


Date Watched: – 19th November (3D) & 23rd November (2D)

Director: – Zack Snyder

Genre: – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Starring: – Ben Affleck (Batman/Bruce), Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark), Amy Adam (Lois), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman/Diane), Erza Miller (The Flash/Barry), Jason Momoa (Aquaman/Arthur), Ray Fisher (Cyborg/Victor), Jeremy Irons (Alfred), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta) & J K Simmons (Commissioner Gordon)

Review: –

Below contains spoilers

This was a film I’ve been looking forward to most of the year after it was announced and hinted in Superman Vs Batman where the new characters (to the Cinematic Universe) where shown and mentioned, this carries on after the events in Batman Vs Superman and Batman along with Wonder Woman now face a new threat in the form of Steppenwolf who had tried to invade previously but was fought back by the strong armies of the Amazon’s, Atlanteans, Mankind and the Olympian Gods and had to leave the Mother Boxes that when unite have the combined power to conquer Earth. After his retreat the 3 boxes were separated and hidden in different locations, 1 guarded by the Amazons, 1 by the Atlanteans and 1 by Mankind.

We move forward to the present time and Steppenwolf has returned and attacks the Amazons and retrieves the box forcing Queen Hippolyta to warn Diane of the attack by lightening the ancient invasion fire, meanwhile Bruce is trying to find out what has been attacking and seemingly kidnapping members of the public when Diane goes to see him to tell him that the invasion is happening and Bruce says they need to find other Metahumans to help fight the invasion, at first Bruce visits Arthur to try and recruit him but he refuses to do so but then after meeting with Diane, Bruce then goes to visit Barry Allen to recruit him which was easy to do Diane speaks to Victor who at first is reluctant to join but does then join the others. Meanwhile Steppenwolf attacks and retrieves the next box from Atlantis.

Commissioner Gordon then calls Batman and he goes to see him with the others (Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman) and Gordon then gives him intel of the attacks which leads them to an abandoned facility under Gotham Harbour and the group manages to rescue the hostages that Steppenwolf army has kidnapped (including Victor’s father) but he is too strong for the group to overcome and are forced to retreat with the help of Aquaman who after the attack on Atlantis has now changed his mind and now joins the band of Metahumans to fight against Steppenwolf. Whilst back in the Bat cave and how they can beat Steppenwolf Bruce suggests using the other box (that Victor knows the whereabouts off as it was used to save him after an accident nearly killed him) to bring back Superman from the dead, Diane says this is a bad idea and whilst the others are unsure they agree, Diane says she will be there but for Clark’s benefit.

Clark’s body is then exhumed by Victor and Barry and taken to the Kyptonian ship which has incubation waters which along with the box they hope resurrect Superman. Clark is then resurrected and the idea works but he returns confused and angry and attacks the others until Lois arrives and helps calm him down and he returns to his family home (which is now in rebate) where his mother then joins them, meanwhile the other 5 travel to Russia where Cyborg has detected the power of the other boxes and whilst fighting Steppenwolf and in the hope to distract him long enough for Cyborg to separate the boxes but they’re unable to but as it looks like they’re about to be defeated Superman arrives to help and wants to help Mankind rather than help Bruce, he then along with Barry help evacuate the city before returning back to battle to help Cyborg separate the boxes whilst Diane and Arthur keep Steppenwolf in battle, they manage to separate the boxes and then between Superman and Wonder Woman they destroy his weapon and his own army then attacks him and forces him to retreat and the threat is over.

Bruce and Clark call a truce after Bruce buys the bank that reprocessed the family home, Bruce and Diane plan to rebuild Wayne Manor to house the new Justice League with the potential to add more Metahumans to the group. Barry gets a job with the Central City Police Department after being recommended by Bruce. Clark returns back to reporting and back to his old Superman self as well. In the end of credits scene (DC’s first one I believe) we see that Lex Luthor has escaped prison and suggests to Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson who has visited on his yacht and suggest that they form their own league.

This is the best DC superhero film so far with regards to action, I don’t think it’s as good as Wonder Woman in regards to story but does open the door to many other films especially standalone films for the likes of Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash (which I believe DC have all in production). I really enjoyed this film though I don’t think the 3D made any difference after also watching it in 2D.

If you’re a DC Fan this is a must watch but even on its own it is a very good film though you will need to watch the previous 2 films (Superman Vs Batman & Wonder Woman) to understand more of what’s going on.

A solid 8/10


Thor: Ragnarok

Date Watched: – 29th October 2017

Director: – Taika Waititi

Genre: – Action, Adenture, Comedy

Starring: – Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Cate Blanchett (Hela), Idris Elba (Heimdall), Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) & Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr Strange)

Review: –

Second film of the day saw the latest Marvel Studio film of Thor, which having 99% rating (at time I looked before seeing) it was certainly one that we (Bryony, Dawn & myself) were looking forward to watching (plus we’ve watched all the other Marvel Films). Strangely this film opened in the UK a week or so before the US and I’m now caught between writing a review with spoilers or try to write one without, but after trying without I ended up having to include some spoilers.

Set after the Age of Ultron Thor finds himself in chains as a prisoner of Surtur who plans to destroy Asgard and fulfil the prophecy of Ragnarok, Thor defeats Surtur and returns to Asgard where he finds his brother Loki disguising himself as their father Odin, after finding that Loki has left their father on Earth they travel to Earth where Dr Strange transports Loki away and Thor finds the address of Dr Strange’s Sancrum Sanctorum and travels there to find Dr Strange (these scenes are pretty funny). Dr Strange then drops Loki back into the room and transports Thor & Loki to Norway where their father is. When they speak to their father, he reveals that they have an older sister who is powerful but evil called Hela who would take over the rule of Asgard as his first born when he dies, which he does and as the pair argue, Hela appears and when Thor throws his hammer at Hela but she catches and destroys it. Their call for Heimdall to retrieve them but Hela also enters the Bifrost and forces first Loki and then Thor out of the passage and returns to Asgard on her own where she takes over the rule and kills most of the soldiers whilst Hemidall escapes and hides many of the population of Asgard. Thor lands on the planet Sakaar which is run by the Grandmaster and is imprisoned, during his imprisonment he learns of the women who took him to the Grandmaster was a Valkyrie an former Asgard Warrior who had battled Hela and that he must fight Sakaar’s champion which when he enters the arena finds that it is the Hulk and at first laughs but when the Hulk charges Thor they then battle which ends up as a draw though Thor suggests he won. In Hulks residence Thor manages to escape and reach the Ship but the Hulk rips it apart and as a message from Black Widow is played the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner and they both start walking the street trying to find a way of the planet but Valkyrie finds them and takes them to Loki who she has chained up, the 4 of them team up and escape but Loki tries to stop Thor from escaping but Thor stuns Loki and leave Loki behind as they escape to Asgard to fight Hela. During the fight Loki arrives along with the revengers of Sakaar (Thor’s prison mates) and they help with the fight and Thor gets Loki to resurrect Surtur with the eternal flame as Hela is too strong for them all along with her warriors she has resurrected. The Asgard citizens along with the Revengers, Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie and Loki escape on the ship as Surtur drives the sword into the heart of the planet destroying Asgard and Hela at the same time, they then decide to fly to Earth when they encounter a massive ship and that’s where we end or do we? There is 2 extra scenes, 1 mid credit and 1 end of credit as per the norm for Marvel films.

Was this a good film? Yes. Is it worth the 99% rating on Rotten Tomato? Probably not. Is it the best Marvel Film so far? It’s one of the best but I think Guardian of the Galaxies Vol 2 maybe slightly better. Is it worth watching? Oh yes.

The Marvel Universe films seem to be able to join together to piece the whole Universe together unlike the DC Universe which the films seems to be all over the place and have massive gaps between them. Introducing new character like Valkyrie is good as it keeps expanding the universe, I’m not sure if there is enough history/material for her to get her own film but I wouldn’t rule it out.

I give this a solid 8/10 bordering on a 9/10 but not the 9-10/10 that many others are giving it.


Date Watched: – 23rd October 2017

Director: – Dean Devlin

Genre: – Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Starring: – Gerard Butler (Jake Lawson), Jim Sturgess (Max Lawson), Abbie Cornish (Sarah Wilson), Alexandra Maria Lara (Ute Fassbinder), Talitha Bateman (Hannah Lawson), Ed Harris (Leonard Dekkom) & Andrew Garcia (President Andrew Palma)

Review: –

Had this on my to watch list as soon as I saw the first trailer and been counting down the days as The Day After Tomorrow is one of my favourite films and this reminded me a bit about it. It didn’t disappoint and I will certainly be watching again. The following will contain spoilers so don’t read any further if going to see it.

A World Wide Net of Satellites built to prevent the extreme weather that has plagued earth starts to malfunction and causes more extreme weather and starts to trigger a Geostorm until the 2 estranged brother that built and run the Dutch Boy program (the net of Satellites) race to prevent the Geostorm that involves Max’s girlfriend (Sarah) a Secret Service Agent kidnapping the President and Jake to find the sabotager on the International Climate Space Station who has infected the Satellites with a Virus and has killed one of the Engineers and has also set the Station to self-destruct. Jake tells Max not to Trust anyone as thinks the President of the US is behind this after checking the Satellite logs with Ute (the Station Chief), during a Convention in Orlando Max finds out it is Dekkom that is behind the sabotage and Sarah kidnaps the President to protect him from assassination whilst Jake finds the programmer that planted the Virus on the Station who after a scuffle that sees Duncan (the Programmer) shoot the window whilst trying to shoot Jake which after Jake escapes the room explodes and sucks Duncan out into Space. Max & Sarah manage to get the President to NASA to transmit the Kill Codes that will stop the Satellites from causing the Geostorm but Jake tells Max they can’t stop the Self-Destruct and the rest of the crew of the Station have been evacuated. Whilst Jake starts to go to the Server Room to enter the Kill Codes, Ute comes and helps him as he tries to enter the wrong room as she has stayed behind as it’s her ‘Home’, they manage to input the Kill Codes in just in time to prevent the Geostorm just as the Station starts to complete the self-destruction, Jake sees a Satellite and with Ute manage to seek shelter in it as the Station completes the self-destruct. Jake uses the Jets to signal a SOS and a Shuttle picks them up and they all land back at Kennedy Space Centre and Jake and Max embrace.  The film starts and ends with Hannah Lawson do a voiceover.

I really enjoyed this film though many critics have panned this however reading their reviews what they suggested should’ve been done I think would’ve ruined it, yes some of the scenes could’ve been better and a bit far-fetched but the critics wanted more extreme scenes which to me would’ve made it far less believable. I like the Jake and Max characters and liked the scene where Jake gives Max a message in code that they came up with during their Childhood. I liked there were stories within stories as you had the relationship between the brothers, the relationship between Max and Sarah, the Sabotage of the Satellites and the Kidnapping of the President to prevent his assassination.

I have to give this a Solid 9/10 as I disagree with many of the Critics but we’re entitled to our own opinions.

47 Metres Down

Having seen no trailer for this nor any advertisement bar Cineworlds email I had no expectations for this movie. Starting Mandy Moore and Claire Holt least it was going to be easy on the eyes though neither I would say are A liar stars (at least movie wise), Mandy had several top 30 hits as a Singer and Claire some hit TV series. 

Plot:- Lisa (Mandy) whose boyfriend has just broken up with her as said she was boring is on holiday with Kate (Claire) her sister. Kate thinking Lisa’s boyfriend is working so couldn’t come on holiday finds Lisa crying one night and Lisa tells Kate the truth so Kate takes her clubbing where they meet a couple of locals who suggest going Cage Diving with sharks. The next day the girls arrive at the dock and meet the locals and go out to a boat with the cage. After the boys go down in the cage and return to the surface the girls go down, as they go down the cage shudders causing Lisa to panic and as the cage is risen the winch on the boat snaps and the cage plummets with the girls to the boat of the ocean 47 metres down which is also out of communication range. Lisa being the better diver manages to get out of the cage and release the winch from the cage and swims up to 40 metres to communication range and is told stay in the cage and they’ll send another line down. Seeing a light to one side after a while and with it not moving and their air running out Lisa swims out to the light to see it’s just a flashlight and after picking it up sees Javier as he’s attacked by a shark, grabbing his speargun she makes her way back to the cage. They attach the line to the cage but as it’s winched up it snaps sending them back down to the bottom this time trapping Kate’s leg under the cage. Lisa manages to communicate with the boat and they say the coast guard is on the way and send 2 tanks of air down, Lisa goes to fetch the air but is attacked as she starts to return to the cage leaving the air for Kate just short of the cage, Kate then manages to use the speargun to hook the tank of air and then manages to free herself from the cage and finds Lisa and make for the surface, once they arrive and are attacked as try to climb onto the boat it returns to Kate still trapped under the cage and hallucinating due to have too much nitrogen in her blood, she’s finally rescued by the coast guards and calls out for Lisa but as the film ends with Kate still being led to the surface we don’t know for sure what happened to Lisa though it’s likely she was killed in the Shark attack. 

I really enjoyed this film as it kept you on the edge not knowing what’s going to happen, the only part I didn’t like was the ending as it made the film feel incomplete. Mandy and Claire were decent and would like to see them in more movies. 

If you like thrillers then you would like this but if not keen on water or sharks maybe avoid, I recommend this and give it an 8 of 10 rating. 

Blogs in Pipeline

Well finally got round to watching Casablanca last night so as I started the review on that it got me thinking what other posts I want to write, so far I’ve start Reviews on Casablanca, Focus and Despicable Me 3 (though yet to see). I’m currently watching a Netflix original film called The Circle so might write one on this too as Stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. I’ve also decided to try and read a book perhaps from Goodreaders list a month to review, I’ve not yet looked on Apple Music for new albums so don’t have any Music reviews planned. I’ve got a Cinema trip to see The House as well as Despicable Me 3 this week. 

An update, looking at the books available with my Amazon Prime I’ve selected Holy Island by L J Ross as my next book. 


A Cineworld Unlimited screening saw me take in this movie with the added bonus of a free pack of Candy King sweets (I picked Strawberry Candysticks), I had already planned to see this before it was announced that it would be a Unlimited screening. Starring Chris Evans as Frank Adler who takes care of his 7 year old Niece Mary played by McKenna Grace after the suicide of her mother Diane. The film also stars Lindsay Duncan as Mary’s grandmother and Frank’s Mother Evelyn, Octavia Spencer as Roberta, Frank’s neighbour and friend and Jenny Slate as Bonnie Stevenson, Mary’s first teacher.

Mary is not a normal 7 year old girl, she is the daughter of Mathematical prodigy and is one herself and has never gone to normal school before, but after homeschooling her Frank decides she needs to go to school to become a normal child and interact with kids her age. After causing trouble by not being used to school her teacher Bonnie is shocked when Mary gives a correct answer to a difficult Math questions which she answers. After a incident on the school bus where Mary stuck up for a fellow classmate by breaking a 12 year old bully’s nose she again gets into trouble and is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children but Frank refuses which then leads to his mother to turn up and sue for custody of Mary.

Rather than carry on with the story I urge you to watch the film. Mckenna stole this movie, I’m not sure if there is an age limit for awards but she fully deserves one as for a 10 year old you can’t fault her acting and the chemistry she had with Chris Evans was really good. I did see this whilst had an eye infection so my eye was watering a lot during the movie but you will need to take tissues with you.

I’ve already booked to see this again this weekend, I feel that this could be an award contended but feel it’s been released too early for it to be a real contender but time will tell.

9/10 for this is truly deserved in my opinion.